At Westfield management we utilize the latest home care software to keep all your information accurate and organized. Each visit begins with the scanning of your own personal barcode that we place in a convenient and discreet  location such as the garage or patio. This unique system enables us to bring up only your property’s information , so it can be stored and tracked with maximum efficiency. 

We then proceed with a checklist that is custom tailored to your home. Overview Photos are taken at every visit, as well as photos of areas of concern, should there be any. The information collected is instantly uploaded to your account and you can check it in real time, providing  you piece of mind in knowing that your home, farm or condo are in reliable hands.

We are available 24/7 to help maintain your property, but we also offer a wide variety of concierge services that are unique to your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for someone to just keep an eye on your home while you’re away or you're in need of an extra hand with your busy life, we are here to help.



Regular Maintenance List:

  • Inspect alarm system to ensure it is secured and working properly

  • Inspect the internet and phone lines

  • Check all the windows and doors are properly locked

  • Inspecting residence for client departure and arrival

  • Physically inspect for signs of mildew and mold

  • Check electrical and plumbing systems 

  • Look for signs of water damage/leaks

  • Check AC units and replace the AC filters

  • Inspect areas that need preventive maintenance and suggest repairs

  • Physical inspections for rodents and insects

  • Water indoor plants

  • Ensure that all appliances are working properly

  • Inspect the dishwasher 

  • Check the garbage disposal 

  • Check hot water systems

  • Replace light bulbs when needed

  • Check and change batteries in smoke detectors 

  • Confirm the proper functionality of home entertainment systems

  • Check for general cleanliness

  • Supervise and monitor swimming pool and landscaping services 

  • Change the outdoor lights when applicable

  • Test auto shades and blinds

  • Garage door functionality

  • Roof inspection 

  • Check generator